New Year Migration

This guide details what a new year migration is and the steps involved with completing the process. The tool used in this guide is called 'Add or Migrate in Bulk', and is available 2 months prior to the new school year.

A new year migration allows you to keep your student data up to date going into the new school year. During this process you can identify new student accounts, update student information and delete any students that need their accounts removed. Information that you might like to update includes: student year level, student class and student teacher.
If a student is moving into a class that will not be using LiteracyPlanet or is leaving the school it is important to remove them from your migration CSV.
In order to avoid losing student data it is important that students are only listed on your file once.


Using the 'Add or Migrate in Bulk' tool to download your migration CSV and upload your changes

Your migration CSV comes populated with the class structure currently in place on your LiteracyPlanet account. The following things will happen when your file is processed:

  1. Students added to the file that were not already present will have their accounts created
  2. Students that have their information modified will have their accounts updated
  3. Students that are removed from the file will have their accounts deleted

It is important that you fill in all required fields for each student. The only optional field is the 'Teacher title' field. You can add as many classes to the one file as you want and there should be no blank rows between classes.


0. Log in at (guide here)
1. Click on the 'Administration' tab
2. Click on the 'Users' tab
3. Click on the 'Add or Migrate in Bulk' sub tab
4. Click on the 'Begin Migration' button
5. Click on the 'Current School Data as CSV' button to download your migration CSV file
6. Make the required amendments to your file using the spreadsheet you have available (Microsoft Excel is the common choice)
7. Save your file as either CSV, XLS or XLSX. Include the name of your school in the name of the file
8. Under 'Step 2' on the migration website click on the 'Browse...' button and locate your file
9. Under 'Step 2' click on the green 'Upload' button