Linking the NSW Literacy Continuum to LiteracyPlanet

The NSW Literacy Continuum

LiteracyPlanet exercises have been designed with the Australian Curriculum in mind, including specially designed state planning documents.

LiteracyPlanet tasks in Years K-10 include pre-reading, phonics, sight words, reading fluency, comprehension, spelling and grammar and are designed to support the goals of the Literacy Continuum in a variety of ways. For more information about the the content click here

The program has:

  • Independent student learning experiences using electronic texts and interactive activities through an online literacy program
  • A strong reporting system that allows teachers to track progress and monitor student achievement across a range of literacy activities. 
  • Helps teachers to diagnose areas of weakness and allows teachers to ascertain areas for development for planning purposes across all the KLAs
  • Our program is a particularly helpful tool for teachers with multistage or composite classes as well as for developing individual learning programs and personalised learning plans, just as the continuum was designed to do. The ability to differentiate the needs of learners in the classroom is a powerful benefit of the LiteracyPlanet product 

LiteracyPlanet Exercises can be used to support the following Critical Aspects of the Literacy Continuum:

  • Reading texts – involves recognising words automatically, reading in a phrased and fluent way and navigating texts to create meaning.
  • Comprehension – involves responding to, interpreting, analysing and evaluating texts.
  • Vocabulary knowledge – involves understanding the meaning of spoken and written words and using words to create and understand texts.
  • Phonics – involves making the connection between sounds and letters when reading and spelling.
  • Phonemic awareness – involves hearing and manipulating sounds in spoken language.

Other critical areas of literacy such as grammar, spelling, punctuation and listening are developed within the above aspects.