Student Menu Overview

Quest Menu - The Student Guided Mode & Student Landing Page

A learning pathway that provides a sequenced range of activities in levels set by the teachers. Students are locked in to levels, which are broken down in to zones and stages. There is more than enough content within one level to keep a student active and engaged in exercises for an entire school year. 

  • Each level contains between 17 - 40 zones
  • Each zone contains 5 stages
  • Each stage contains between 5-8 exercises



Academy Menu – Free Learning & Diagnostics

Free Learning - Students can access and complete exercises from year level content that is Year Level locked by their teachers. Students only see levels, regardless of the year levels they have been locked in to by their teachers. 

Diagnostics - For teachers and students to work on together. Teachers can diagnose students on a range of literacy strands and the program then provides exercises to the students to complete to fill any knowledge gaps identified in the diagnostic test.


My Words

Students can add their own word and spelling lists and then play LiteracyPlanet word play activities and games with their own word lists.


Tasks Menu

Students complete tasks set by their teacher in this area .




An area where students can read a range of stories for enjoyment


Students use their credits to play a range of fun mini games, or they can earn credits playing Word Mania and Donkey Dash.

My Avatar 

Students can customise their avatar and shop for clothing using credits earned from completing tasks, exercises and playing Arena games. When students click on their Avatar in the bottom left hand corner of their student page they can view their trophy room, send high fives and thumbs up to their friends.