Is there a Tablet version?

LiteracyPlanet has a free application which allows students to take their homework with them!  

The desktop application has all the functions of the LiteracyPlanet program whereas the tablet app is more a companion to the desktop site. It has many but not all the features of the desktop. 
You can currently access on tablets:
  • All word recognition, word order, word play and spelling activities and games can be accessed, along with all the spelling lists pre-populated in to the program
  • The My Words application - this allows students to add their own words to the program
  • Over 120 eBooks (known to the students as stories) with great illustrations that students can read, or have read to them
  • Arcade games
  • Comprehension Activities for years 1-9
  • The My Avatar tool where students can customise their avatar

The iPad version is here.  You must have an iPad 3 or newer.  

The Android version is here.

Please be aware that these apps are for existing students - so if you aren't registered yet, please head to our website to subscribe.