LiteracyPlanet Firewall Setup

To ensure your students have access to the full LiteracyPlanet program, your school may need to update your network firewall policies. Listed below are some things to make your IT department aware of:


LiteracyPlanet requires an internet connection.  If this connection is lost during an exercise, the student’s result may not register with our servers. Please ensure a steady connection.



We recommend whitelisting *

(the * is important as a wildcard entry).

If you cannot use wildcard entries:

We use HTTP & HTTPS protocols, so ensure the whitelisting is applied to both.


Our traffic uses ports 443 & 80


Our iPad app only supports transparent proxies.


The website version of the program is only supported on Windows or Mac computers*. To use a tablet (iPad / Android) you will need to download the latest app version from the applicable app store.


         *contact us for details on using a tablet PC (i.e. Microsoft Surface)



If you have any questions about these settings, contact our support department at:  (07) 5656 9696